Friday, December 2, 2011

Halloween and Thanksgiving

This year Macy was a skunk and a bunch of red grapes...I couldn't decide!! She loves candy and still says "trick of treat" multiple times a day

Time sure flies! Sorry this blog has been the last on my list. We have had a really great fall. Im really sad it is officailly winter!! Im excited for Christmas and going home to warm Arizona in just one short week but I am really dreading the snow and ice and gloomy days. At least we will be heading to Arizona for a whole month. I have mixed feeling about this because we don't have very much time left in good ole Indiana. And I really really do love love love it here. When we get back from Arizona we will only have 4 more months living here....cRaZY!! Im not gonna lie. I don't know what lies ahead for us so it is so scary. Im really gonna miss all my friends here...SSSOO much!! Infact, Im getting teary just thinking about it! Im really gonna miss my house. I love my first little house I made into home. We had our first child here and so so many memories and parties. I know when I look back I will LOVE these years here in Indiana. Ive grown leaps and bounds. Ive had a couple of real goals that I made for myself and Ive accomplished almost all except mastering sewing which I still have a couple months to work on :) Anyway, I posted like a million pics of our life the last couple months. Matt is doing so great in school and is going to be finished really early....job search is soon! Hopefully we can find a job in Az but we will see??? Macy is doing so great. She is such a fireball! She has such a strong, cute, personality. She has gotten a lot harder lately and is very much full time!! But we wouldn't change a thing! She is talking up a storm and gives lots of loves!! Macy is super friendly...a little too friendly sometimes and isn't scared of much of anything. She loves her baba (I know) blanket and thumb and outside. She also loves playing in the car, animals, and shows (which she asks for all day long). She is a very picky eater but loves anything with RANCH! She is so social and has lots of friends! We love and adore her!! Ive been really busy doing what moms do...clean, cook, entertain, calling keeps me really busy too! But I love it! I love the Young Women and look up to them so much...we have an amazing group of girls. Anyway, wow I have been writing a lot. Matt is currently having a call of duty boys night at our home which consists of about 10 boys (almost dr's which is even more funny) 3 tv's and lots of shooting and laughing. They are having so much fun! Haha Matt is gonna miss it here too!

Matt went fishing in Michigan a couple weeks ago and caught a ton of salmon, he was way excited about this and plans on making this a ritual
Macy and Mommy at the zoo
Picking berries at our favorite orchard
Riding the train
Macy loved feeding the giraffe. Today we were at our friends house and she was having so much fun feeding their dog! All giggles!!!
So hard to get a family picture with these two!
We went to a really cool Halloween festival with some friends and they had an awesome corn pit!
Our good friends the Farnsworths at the zoo with us!
Daddy and Macy working on teeth together... anything daddy does macy does
macy loved playing outside this fall!!! Poor girl is cooped up inside now
helping daddy water the lawn
ok this ticket box for my Halloween costume took me so many hours im ashamed to say how many but Ill just say definitely over 10 hours!
Some of the girls that went to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn
Let me this year we had our last and final year of our annual Halloween party with our year of dental students. My amazing friend Jenalee threw the best party!! We had a carnival themed murder mystery party! It was such a fun night! I was the ticket lady and matt was the FBI agent. I love Halloween. And I must say I won the Halloween costume all 4 years!!

The clown was the murderer!
The boys got into it too :)

Macy and Matts pumpkin
Cutest skunk around! It was so much fun dressing her up!!! She loved the idea of getting candy and being outside at the same time. She was so funny cause if we would talk to the neighbor for longer than 10 seconds she would pull on our arms to hurry so she could move on to the next house! This girl loves candy!!!
Matts brother Garrett and his cute wife Lexi came to visit. We had so much fun with them.
All bundled up ready for the cold!
My stinker ready for church who hates nursery!
A couple of my friends threw a shower for our awesome friend Brooke. It turned out really cute!

For Thanksgiving we got to go Iowa to spend Thanksgiving with Matts sister Marie (who is AMAZING and can do anything and everything and she is so gorgeous too) It was such a blast! Matts parents and his two younger brothers came too. We had so much fun with them. We also got to go to Navoo while we were there too and that was such a neat experience. Macy had so much fun with her cousins. We love our family! We were so lucky it was only a 5 hour drive and we did it while Macy was asleep so it was a piece of cake...of course I wasn't driving either :)
Meg and Macy
eating pizza
playing in their awesome backyard
Marie made the best food. It was so fun to see how she made things. Ive always watched my mom cook ( who is an awesome cook too) but it was fun to see the different recipes. Thanks Marie and Nate for such a great weekend. Oh ya we did hit up Walmart at 10pm on Thanksgiving too :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Macy at a year and a half

Here are a couple of pictures from awhile back that were taken from my iphone. I finally learned how to upload them onto my computer. This one is at my brother Keiths wedding!

Macy and her cute cousin Conner. Poor Macy begs for me to put her bathingsuit on almost everyday and now it is so cold that we can't take her swimming anymore. Chelsey gave me the bright idea to have her "swim" in the we tried it but Im pretty sure she wasn't quite satisfied.

This picture was taken at Aspen Grove in Utah at our reunion. I love these two!

This little girl makes such a mess these days. She is finally faster than me which is trouble cause I can't keep up with cleaning up all her messes!

Carrying around Daddys listerene. Macy is so funny cause she will carry around Daddys shirt when he is at school and just call for dadda all day.

This one cracks me up! She wants to be just like daddy!

Here Macy is with her "boyfriend" Lincoln at the zoo. These two are so cute together. Lincoln gives Macy about 20 kisses everytime he sees her. My friend Anya and I want to set them up someday so that we can plan a wedding together :) they would make a pretty cute couple

Macy loves the zoo these days so since we have a pass and the weather has been nice we go quite often. Here she is looking at the dolphins. She loves the dolphin show and claps like a big girl when the dolphins do their tricks :)

Wow thats a lot of blue. Do you ever feel like you are just in a certain color of mood that day. Like you dress yourself and your kids in the same color and anything you buy that day is that color it just me?

1 chocolate chip cookie= total mess

sorry im super lame and all these pictures are turned.

This little girl has quite the personality!

Loves chocolate like her mom. She says it like koklate...its so cute! How can you refuse! No wonder she is so dang spoiled

Macy is obsessed with her blankie and bottle and she loves her monkey too :)

ps no one told me to take the bottle away at 1 because she will get crazy obsessed with it, i just thought it was cause they wanted their baby to grow up and since Macy is still my baby I wanted to keep giving her a bottle but soon it will be time and I am DREADING it!

Macy loved petting the sharks at the zoo.

It is so hard to get good pictures of Macy these days. She is not interested! But I guess its better than nothin :)

Matts school is right by the zoo so sometimes when he can go in late we will go to the zoo.

Notice Macy crying! Why is she crying? Cause her Daddy isn't holding her! There are about 5 pictures like this but most of them she is reaching her arms out. Why can't she just love her mom the most!

Daddy introduced Macy to fishing

you can tell that she LOVED IT!

I love these pictures cause you can tell how excited she is about fishing with her dad

One day we were actually ready before we had to leave for church, which never ever happens! So I thought we could take a quick picture :)

Ok I feel really sad and pathetic that I didn't get hardly any pictures of Chelsey when she came to visit me! I am the worst! I feel super lucky that my best friend in the whole entire world (does that make up for it?) came all the way to Indiana to visit me. PLUS she has 4 kids to arrange for! We had so so much fun though and I will always remember her coming to visit. Thank you Chelsey you are so the best! Love you

She keeps me busy can you tell?! Yes she climbed in there by herself

Macy always wants to play with all my makeup and jewlry while I get ready. Its a love hate things cause it makes such a mess and takes 10x longer than it should...but it is so fun and cute that I can't help but love it.

This isn't that great of a picture of me or her...I think we just work up from a nap but Macy is actaully smiling. If you look I am actually tickling her with my hand :) whatever works, right?!

25 things about Macy Girl

1. She just turned 18 months

2. She is the pride and joy of her parents life

3. She has the cutest personality I have ever seen

4. She is already my best friend

5. She is so much like her Daddy and alittle like her mom

6. Her Daddy is her favorite followed by her blanket, bottle than mom

7. She is such a chatter box these days

8. She loves shows and will watch almost an entire movie. She points to the tv and says sho sho

9. Macy loves outside! She also points to outside and says side we spend alot of time outdoors

10. Macy has always sucked her thumb, but it seems like she is ALWAYS doing it now..thats not gonna be a fun habit to break either

11. Macy is obsessed with monkeys! She loves loves loves them!!

12. She also loves cars, choo choos, and planes and balls and dirt..should i be worried?

13. Macy understands everything we say, its crazy how much they learn!

14. Favorite movies: Tangled, Toy Story 3, Princess and the Frog and Monsters vs Aliens

15. Macy is such a picky eater and 3 x a day we force her to eat

16. When she does eat her favorites are RANCH DRESSING, mac and cheese, turkey, bananas, fruit loops and candy especially kokolate

17. Macy sleeps 8pm to 8am and takes about a 2 hour nap.

18. She loves shoes!

19. She loves to skype or do anything on mommys computer or iphone

20. She loves to read books and will sit for as long as you will read to her...seriously

21. When she wakes up she never cries and just plays in her crib and usually is laughing to herself

22. She loves to cuddle especailly if you have her blankies

23. She loves to sing at church and dance at home

24. She loves to play with Daddy